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The Godfather Table August 11, 2009

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One of my favorite things to do when I’m bored is eat.  It’s not because I love food all that much (although i do) because I don’t really try that much of a variety.  In all honesty I pretty much eat the same two or three things from day to day.  More than likely it’s pasta, pizza or some sort of chicken or steak.  (Yes I eat my vegetables too!).  Since, I’m not really too experienced when it comes to food, I don’t really try new things.  Lets face it, when you are hungry the last thing you want to do is experiment with a new food.

Getting to the point, I will say, that eating is one of my favorite things to do because of the experience I got out of it growing up.  I grew up in an Italian household always surrounded by tons of family members.  Dinner was always a party.  I remember all of the times we would all get together and sit around the table and tell stories and laugh.   However, I distinctly remember always having to sit at the “kids” table.  This was a card table that we set up either on the end of the “grown-up” table as an extension to the big table, or sometimes just floating in the middle of the room somewhere, isolated.  Needless to say, I was so excited when I got a seat at the big table.  (The funny part is that everyone always promises you that one day you’ll be at the big table, but really, you always have the same number of people and you are always the same rank (in terms of age).  So when it comes to seating, you still wind up at the extension “kids” table.

We were always taught to respect our elders so we never argued the seating arrangement.  Plus, we always kept ourselves entertained by creating random concoctions in somebody’s soda glass and laughing about it uncontrollably for hours.  So, the kids table had its’ perks.  The part you get to appreciate the most as you get older, however, is the hours of good conversation that you have with your closest friends and family at the dinner table.  This is why it was so great to sit at the big table.   The stories my grandma, my parents, my older siblings, my aunts, uncles and cousins would tell were fascinating.  Having a front row seat to them was an accomplishment, extremely entertaining, and something I always desired.

This brings me to my reasoning behind one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  It has to be without a doubt, a huge solid wood dining room table that reminds me of a table most likely found in one of the Godfather movies with 20 people sitting around it.  Big tables exclude very few people (unless you are entertaining an army) and I just love the way it feels when you are sitting at one, all perched up in your high back chair that is suitable for a king.

I’m personally a fan of a more modern look myself.  Clean lines, simple design, but big!  This Harden Furniture 1990 solid wood dining room table (pictured below) interests me very much.  It is as close to clean lines and simple design as you can get.  However, it’s sturdy and made with quality and therefore produces a great presence in the room.  Sitting at it would give you a grand feeling as opposed to sitting at a table that squeaks or wobbles.

Harden 1990 Full Size Dining TableI think that when I finally purchase my first home, my favorite piece of furniture that I pick out will be my dining room table.  What they don’t tell you on the label is that tables like these produce a tremendous amount of memories for the guests that are fortunate to dine at them.  Although it is just a piece of furniture, some of life’s greatest moments happen while sitting at at them and talking.   It is no doubt a centerpiece to any household, not just the dining room.  I guess I just have to make sure that the food I cook is desirable enough that people will want to come over.  Then I can use it to it’s full potential. It’s a good thing I paid attention in the kitchen when my parents cooked for all those family parties.  I am sure that dinner will eventually be served and great times will follow at my own dining room table someday.