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New Allee Edition @ Bernhardt Design September 21, 2009

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Stephen Milioti recently published a story in the NY Times about a proactive looking Allee Chair designed by Ms. Trocmé.  Supposedly the chair is intended to create an active, mobile look for the individual sitting in it.  While it may appear that you would be leaning forward in it, the chair does not in fact have you sitting in an acute position.  If anything, they are supposed to be rather comfortable, not just stylish.  Personally, I am not sure how long I could sit on bare wood without wishing I had a softer cushion instead.  However, I can see these chairs fitting in to a various number of modern decorated homes or offices.


The several hundred dollar price tag might is a bit steep for me to actually purchase one, however, I’m sure there are a few art/design fanatics that will gladly pay the $650 to own one.  I guess the only question left to decide is what colors to purchase.  One of each? Any takers?


Great Find on Ebay! September 11, 2009

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Ebay is a wonderful place to find old items.  The saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” couldn’t be proved to be more true than it is with the results of ebay.  Everyday someone picks up a unique item that someone else was trying to get rid of.  Many times it’s an item of sentimental value, other times it’s the perfect item for a do it yourself fix-it job.  Sometimes it’s a completely useless item that someone thinks is cool.  Often it’s exactly the item that someone was looking for.  My experience on ebay has always been the later of all of those.  I usually find exactly what I’m looking for.

When I was in college I frequently moved from one apartment to another.  I loved living in new places.  As roommates came and went, we’d have to downsize or upgrade apartment space.  We were constantly reinventing our space.  I personally was always looking for new furniture to add to my bedroom.  This was the only space that I could define the way I wanted to.  Unfortunately, I never wanted to part with any of my old furniture to make room for new furniture.  So, I’d wind up moving furniture around within the room until everything fit perfectly.

I had my first adventure with Ebay when I was looking for a new bed.  I had been using a futon that eventually fell apart after getting moved so many times.  It was pretty uncomfortable anyway so I was happy to be looking for a new bed.  I started my search.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I started brainstorming ideas.  When I was younger, I remember going to my cousins house.  I remember being thrilled that there was a water bed in the guest room.  I didn’t have one, so whenever I went there I was so excited to have the opportunity to sleep on one.  It was more like a playground for me since all I wanted to do was jump on one corner to make waves in it.  I didn’t consider the consequences of hundreds of gallons of water going all over the floor if I had broken it.  That would change as I got older.

Anyway, I was starting to think about the water bed I always wanted, and figured, if I could get one cheap, that would be my next bed.  I visited ebay, and found tons of waterbeds.  However, I literally found one 10 minutes from my apartment.  Best of all, it was pick up only so I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of bids on it.  The opening bid started at $24.99.  I thought this was absolutely perfect.  I placed my bid and waited anxiously for the auction to end.  I logged on in the last hour to make sure nobody outbid me in the closing seconds.  3, 2….1…… mine!  I got a queen size water bed for $24.99 ready for pick up just 10 minutes from my house.  I literally gave the woman $25 when I got there and left with a queen size water bed.

I have to admit, this thing was everything I had expected it to be.  It was comfortable, fun and heavy.  I also got the worst backaches from sleeping on it.  But, it made me feel like a kid again sleeping in it.  It’s funny cause whenever we had friends over, they’d all disappear when it got late and I’d finally make it back to my room to find like 6 people passed out in it.  Apparently I’m not the only one who found it comfortable.  It was like those Serta mattresses.  You lay down on it and immediately pass out.  The hardest part was getting out of it the next morning.

I was absolutely amazed at how simple the design was.  I literally could build a water bed frame in about 2 hours after seeing how this one was put together.  I always thought they were much more complex in order to support all of the weight of the water.  In realty, it is very easy to build a frame that can support all that weight.

I eventually got rid of the water bed when I moved into a smaller apartment.  I am happy that I got to experience the joy of it for 2 years and that if I ever want one again, I can probably get one brand new for very cheap by knowing how to build the frame myself.  All I’d have to do is make sure I get a water/air combination that is more comfortable for my back.