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New Allee Edition @ Bernhardt Design September 21, 2009

Filed under: Furniture,Kitchen Furniture,Office Furniture — admin @ 4:03 pm

Stephen Milioti recently published a story in the NY Times about a proactive looking Allee Chair designed by Ms. Trocmé.  Supposedly the chair is intended to create an active, mobile look for the individual sitting in it.  While it may appear that you would be leaning forward in it, the chair does not in fact have you sitting in an acute position.  If anything, they are supposed to be rather comfortable, not just stylish.  Personally, I am not sure how long I could sit on bare wood without wishing I had a softer cushion instead.  However, I can see these chairs fitting in to a various number of modern decorated homes or offices.


The several hundred dollar price tag might is a bit steep for me to actually purchase one, however, I’m sure there are a few art/design fanatics that will gladly pay the $650 to own one.  I guess the only question left to decide is what colors to purchase.  One of each? Any takers?


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