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Mirrors Are Reflections of the Houses They Are In February 22, 2010

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A mirror may seem like a throwaway add on to a house’s furniture collection, but they are much more important than that. The right mirror can really hold a room together while the wrong mirror can reflect the poor taste of the owner. Mirrors aren’t just for looking at your reflection, but are rather centerpieces that help show off the entire room. Size, shape, and even reflective power all play their part in picking out the right mirror for a room in a house and the selection is very important.

I know that when I walk into an area that has a big and wide mirror I feel like the room has gained a new level of importance. A big mirror gives any room more meaning, but that’s not to say that smaller mirrors don’t have a place in a living room or foyer. Smaller mirrors are perfect for quaint rooms that need a little something extra to stand out. Big rooms or small, a mirror can be a really great addition.

In my opinion, the mirror pictured above from Harden Furniture’s tapestry collection, is perfect for really any sized room or house. It’s not too big, but it’s not small enough that it doesn’t get noticed. It’s metal gothic detailing makes it seem like something from the age of the Renaissance and that can really work if that’s the household’s theme. Mirrors are great for looking at yourself, sure, but if you think that’s a mirror’s only purpose then what you’re looking at is truly backwards.


The Perfect Chair for a Full House February 5, 2010

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One of the most important things people look for when attending a get together at somebody else’s house is a comfortable place to sit. If you have uncomfortable chairs then you have uncomfortable guests and it might make them think twice about how frequent they visit. This is not a good outcome if you love to entertain and you like having company over.  Inevitably, people are going to want to sit at one point or another so you should have some comfortable party chairs available to accommodate that demand.

A very common get together amongst guys is poker night.  If you invite your friends over for a poker game then you should especially consider comfortable seating arrangements since games can take a long time and those that lose usually will be tired and upset by the end of the night.  The last thing you want them to use as an excuse for losing is their inability to concentrate because they were uncomfortable all night. Then, not only will they not come back to visit, but they will also blame you for losing all of their money.

All that being said, what makes the perfect party chair? Is it a fold out chair? A recliner? Some office chairs? It could be none of the above. None of them really have the right design to surround a green felt poker table covered in playing cards and poker chips or the comfort level to accommodate a guest for hours.  However, there is a chair that may just do the trick.  The Harden Furniture Party Chair (pictured below) is the perfect combination of quality, comfort and convenience to get your friends to come over and stay awhile.

The Party Chair is a perfect addition to anyone’s poker table.  In fact, it boasts the look and attitude of a high stakes poker table enough that your friends may believe it was taken directly from the casino floor of some swanky Las Vegas hotel and brought to the comfort of your own home. The leather seating adjusts to anyone’s body type, the wooden legs are durable, and the wheels allow greater mobility.  Mobility might be clutch considering some people may want to back away from the poker table quickly when they see a big loss fast approaching.

Whether you have just one or “two-pair” of people coming over or hosting a “full-house”, the Harden Furniture Party Chair is a great addition to any Rounder’s poker table – even if you don’t have the poker game to back it up.  The Harden Furniture Party Chair is part of the Harden solid wood living room furniture collection.