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Mirrors Are Reflections of the Houses They Are In February 22, 2010

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A mirror may seem like a throwaway add on to a house’s furniture collection, but they are much more important than that. The right mirror can really hold a room together while the wrong mirror can reflect the poor taste of the owner. Mirrors aren’t just for looking at your reflection, but are rather centerpieces that help show off the entire room. Size, shape, and even reflective power all play their part in picking out the right mirror for a room in a house and the selection is very important.

I know that when I walk into an area that has a big and wide mirror I feel like the room has gained a new level of importance. A big mirror gives any room more meaning, but that’s not to say that smaller mirrors don’t have a place in a living room or foyer. Smaller mirrors are perfect for quaint rooms that need a little something extra to stand out. Big rooms or small, a mirror can be a really great addition.

In my opinion, the mirror pictured above from Harden Furniture’s tapestry collection, is perfect for really any sized room or house. It’s not too big, but it’s not small enough that it doesn’t get noticed. It’s metal gothic detailing makes it seem like something from the age of the Renaissance and that can really work if that’s the household’s theme. Mirrors are great for looking at yourself, sure, but if you think that’s a mirror’s only purpose then what you’re looking at is truly backwards.


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