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A Good Ceiling Fan Makes For One Cool Room June 24, 2010

The summer season can be a blistering one especially without any sort of air conditioning to protect you from the summer heat. Centralized air and air conditioners do serve their purposes of keeping any home cool and comfortable but it’s important for a house (even one that has AC) to have a ceiling fan. Not just any ceiling fan mind you, but one that keeps everyone the right temperature and also fits into the aesthetics of the room. It’s true that many would never consider ceiling fans to be an important piece of furniture but when it comes to air conditioning and having the right look for a room, the right ceiling fan makes as much of a difference as any couch, table, or any other piece of furniture.

When considering a ceiling fan it’s important to take into account three things: style, airflow, and installation. When it comes to style, ask yourself what kind of room am I putting this fan in? If it’s a living room or den then going above and beyond with an expensive fan (one with a nice wood finish or a state of the art steel one) may stick out too much. However, if you’re putting one in a nice room, chances are you want it to look as nice as the room you’re putting it in.

Airflow is obviously important or you wouldn’t even be getting a fan to begin with. A slower less airflow type of fan is more for climates in which it gets warm but not hot. If you live someplace that is scorching hot you’ll want to think about a fan that pumps out air at a rapid speed.

Finally, installation is important to think about when buying a fan. If you get a fan that’s too difficult to install you might have to find someone who can put it together for you (which at times can be very hard to find), so get one that you can put together on your own so that you can get your fan up and running.

Ceiling fans may seem like nothing more than just cheaper air conditioners but the right one can make for one cool room.


Just Because It’s Outdoors Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Furniture June 3, 2010

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No one likes to be inside during the summer. Everyday is almost picture perfect and staying indoors is just a waste of beautiful weather. However, sometimes all you want to do is sit on your couch and not move. This presents a predicament for couch potatoes everywhere. It’s beautiful outside, so you should be outside, but you’re too tired and/or lazy and want to sit on your comfy couch. Luckily with the right patio furniture you can do both! But you have to be careful about which patio furniture you pick, so that your outdoor furniture looks as good as your indoor furniture.

The first thing you have to take into account is how much patio furniture you want. If you have a big patio then probably a few pieces, but if you only have a small table then you probably just want one or two chairs so that people can sit. Are you going to serve food outside? If so, it’s best to think of patio furniture that has a dining feel so that you can serve food and do so in a lovely manner. Finally think about how much money you want to spend and what type of climate you live in. If there’s harsh weather then don’t go nuts buying expensive patio furniture because it might get ruined by the changing weather.

A patio is a great place for people to come, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. This is why it’s important to have the right patio furniture, so that you can relax with friends and family both inside and out.