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Martin Furniture and Interior Fittings October 11, 2010

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With the industry in decline, traditional solid wood furniture prices continue to rise. There now only a few that stand out amongst the rest in quality/brand. Congruently, there are few reputable manufacturers of high quality furniture accessories left remaining. Among this handful, Martin continues to leave a mark as one of the premier UK furniture Castors.

Martin and Co was founded over 65 years ago. When supply for local high quality cabinet and door handles was limited, they provided Birmingham manufactured handles and fittings. However, as demand increased around the late 1950`s, they had to expand. Under new ownership,  Martin & Co. were shipping its products all over the country. Soon enough, they were distributing their products to the United States.

Their full line of products includes the following:

Furniture fittings
Kitchen handles
Kitchen knobs
Brass Cabinet locks
Architectural hardware
Interior fittings
Brass handles
Brass cupboard knobs
Door knockers

Most of their production still takes place in Birmingham, the heart of the industrial west midlands. They are a progressive company with plans for further expansion and openness to new business endeavors. Along with the nine listed above, their working on incorporating much more into their primary business line.

“With the most comprehensive ranges of cabinet hardware and decorative accessories, we offer a virtual one stop-shop for domestic and contract furnishers, restorers, top end bedroom and kitchen manufacturers, shopfitters and interior designers.” – Martin & Co.


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