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Family and Home – Cornerstones of Society November 18, 2010

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As you may already know, family is the cornerstone of any society, and foundation for life. But starting a home/new family can be quite challenging if not thought out and addressed properly.

Home and family guides provide useful information and articles for family with babies about baby and parenting, home study, and home improvement. Family can easily be defined as a group of individuals sharing similar ancestry. It can also be defined as a group of individuals sharing similar ancestry and living under the same roof.

Similarly, being a parent can be one of the most difficult tasks known to man. It’s important that we understand what it means to be a parent. In order to do so, we must first take a look at the needs of children, more specifically babies. – From cuddly babies, to terrible twos and threes, and tolerable fours.

But the benefits are many, over and above the effort put into it. We hope that these baby and parenting, schooling and home improvement guides found at Home and Baby dot org will help you in carrying your family responsibilities and putting lots of joy into it. For more information on baby and parenting tips and guides, feel free to visit


All Furniture Services November 16, 2010

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Furniture Repair, Antique Restoration
Cleaning, Polishing, Re-dying & Refinishing
Dis-assembly & Assembly, Carpentry
Sleeper & Recliner Mechanism
Repair & Replacement
Water, Liquid, Heat & Fire Damage Repair
Leather, Fabric, Vinyl Repair & Re-upholstery
Touch-Up, Fill-in, Finish Restoring & Color Matching
Fine Art / Statue, Ceramic &
Wood Floor Damage Repair

These are just some of the services that can be found at All Furniture Services (AFS) dot com. Their team of professionals is capable of handling/carrying everything essential to give immediate on-site, in-home, and in store furniture repairs on wood, leather, vinyl, fabric, upholstery, metal, stone and mechanisms. Optimal methods and goods are chosen to make their repairs permanent. They will return your furniture to its original or even better condition!

AFS is a top notch, highly rated furniture service company in the New York City metro area. Known for their quality, reliability, affordability and on-time service, they received recognition for all types of furniture repair and dis-assembly services:

1. 2006 Audience Winner in Home Repair Category.

2. Award of Best of Flushing 2008&2009 in Furniture Repair & Refinishing by US Local Business Association.

3. Multiple Publications including New York Magazine. Time Out New York, etc.

4. Spotlight on NBC News.

5. Awarded Certificate of ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at some of their customer feedback.

Contact Info:

Tel: 718.268.2727 — Toll Free: 888.575.6757
24/7 Direct: 347.528.7777