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Fall Design and Decor Trends to Bring to Your Home August 12, 2011

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When the summer temperatures start winding down to fall, don’t expect fall design trends for your home to cool down at all. Despite the economic times looking cold, upcoming fall design trends are looking warm! Creating a festive autumn décor is your home is a cinche…whether you run to the store to decorate or you try some easy DYI projects, your house will be ready for fall.  Try these ideas to get your house looking wonderfully festive.

High Glamour:  There is no reason for your home to look like its feeling an economic pinch or to look to hokey with fall decorations! Using rich materials, classy colors and striking curves and shape, whether it’s in furniture or décor, your house will be looking luxurious.

Warm tones: Bring in some familiar warm tones, like reds and oranges, to help make your space resonate with the season and feel cozy. Bring in some bronze and copper hues; it is a unique way to bring in the fall colors with an elegant twist. If you don’t want such a bold statement, accessorize a neutral color palette with pillows and blankets and décor in fall colors. Don’t forget that fall is wine season, so deep purple and greens are also great colors to mix in to your decorations.

Outdoors Matter Too: Make the entrance to your house festive for the season and welcoming with some autumn inspired decorations (think scarecrows and pumpkins). Plant mums and even sunflowers to bring color to your porch. Adding different size and color pumpkins and gourds is also a creative way to add color and interest to your front porch.

Indoor Décor: The pumpkins and plants aren’t only for your doorway, bring them inside too. Use mini pumpkins and gourds and plants to create center pieces for your dining or coffee table. Using these natural materials will add textures and unexpected interest on your tabletops.

Easy DYI Décor: Just as you update your wardrobe, you can update your home as well.  A scarf can be used as a pretty and easy table top runner.  Or make a festive autumn branch tree for a center piece or side table decoration (see easy DYI decorations here :

Share any other fall decorating tips you use to keep your house looking brilliant here!



Outdoor Living Spaces on the Rise August 5, 2011

It used to be that out-door living spaces were only conducive to sunny California, and weather permitting homes.  However, a recent trend is on the rise, and back yards are being used more as “bonus room” than a place to play catch or have the dog run around.

Perfectly landscaped back yards, and expensive furniture  can be a lot of work.  Whether you are maintaining the lawns yourself or paying to have it done, it is quite an undertaking.  You also have to worry about the weather, when it rains you have to run home and bring all the cushions, and tables inside before they are destroyed by the rain.

There are however, plenty of benefits to having a space like this.  When you are having a backyard BBQ, or simply a quiet night with a glass of wine, they can be quite the relaxation room that you may be looking for.  If you can afford it space wise, there are ways of getting around the pricey costs of weather permitting furniture and creating a little oasis for those hot summer nights.

living space, backyard, furniture

Outdoor living space, Photo provided by Jeff Sandquist

Even if you don’t have the biggest yard to work with, you can still create a space for a little “me” time.  Try using bricks to separate a space and start out with a chair and some comfy but bright colored pillows.  Over time you can build up the spaces adding a table, and a couch, etc.  The trick is to make it look as comfortable as can be.

Another benefit to a back yard living space is having a cool place to go after a hot day.  If you don’t have air conditioning then you must enjoy being outside, because on those extremely hot days you won’t want to be stuck in a stuffy house.  Use your space as a place to cool off and enjoy the nice weather (hopefully) the summer has to offer.