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Sprucing Up Patio Furniture for Spring March 7, 2012

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Beautiful patio

Beautiful outdoor living.

With spring around the corner, you may already be dreaming of pulling out your lawn mower, getting in the garden and arranging your patio furniture to relax outside. Whether you stored your furniture in the garage or it weathered the elements out on the deck, here are some tips to spruce up your furniture to keep your patio and porch looking as fresh as spring.

1. Tighten Up the Loose Ends

Over the course of the fall and even the winter, some patio furniture can become loose. From a season of use or maybe from the strain of snow and other elements, the furniture could be a little wore down. Whatever the circumstances, it is important to inspect their patio furniture and tighten nuts, bolts and screws. This ensures that nothing will fall apart.

2. Clean or Replace Cushions

If the patio furniture has cushions, chances are they have suffered damage since the last time they were used. If it rained or snowed mold and mildew may have grown on the cushions and this is something that should not be left alone. It may be possible to take the cushions and wash them; however, if this is not something that can be done the cushions should be replaced. If you properly stored your cushions, they may still benefit from a wash. Using a foam type cleaner or simply warm, soapy water to spot treat. Once the cushions are clean, check them over for any rips or tears that can be sewn or consider re-stuffing them if they’ve fallen flat and uncomfortable.

3. Sandpaper the Rust and Apply Coating

Some patio furniture is susceptible to rust. Because of this, it is important to clean off the rust when the time comes for spring to prevent further damage. Do this by using sandpaper and rubbing the rust off. When rust has been sanded, apply a spray sealer and coat the furniture to prevents rust from developing in the future. Their furniture can look fresh and clean all the time.

4. Clean Surfaces and Remove Winter Residue

Tables and chairs can sometimes hold residue from nature while they are unattended. There may be insect residue on a table, or dirty leaves may have left some impressions on a chair. To save money and the need to replace them, clean them as best you can. Using soap and water (add bleach for light furniture),  wipe down the dirt and grime to make the furniture look new again.

What are your favorite quick tips for sprucing up your furniture?