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About July 23, 2009

Fun Furniture Facts was created to share interesting stories, creative designs and other ideas or comments about furniture.  Quality furniture can add tons of character to a home or office.  It is the first thing people notice when they enter a room.  Depending on who the guest in your home or office is, the style of furniture you choose can help or hurt your image.  One thing is for sure, everyone has their own unique style and with all the different types of furniture, there is bound to be at least one item that fits their style perfectly.

You probably have a favorite piece of furniture that you like.  In college, maybe it was a beat up couch that you found at a garage sale.  If your favorite part of your day is nap time, maybe your favorite item is your bed.  If you watch a lot of movies, perhaps it’s the sofa that you curl up on for the next two hours.  If you like to sit outdoors, a set of patio furniture might interest you the most.  Regardless of whether or not you favorite piece of furniture is a chair, a lounger, a desk, a TV stand, a dresser, bench, stool, etc., hopefully you’ll get to share your story through the comments section of this blog.

At the very least, I hope you enjoy what information the site does offer.  Thanks for visiting!


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