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A Good Ceiling Fan Makes For One Cool Room June 24, 2010

The summer season can be a blistering one especially without any sort of air conditioning to protect you from the summer heat. Centralized air and air conditioners do serve their purposes of keeping any home cool and comfortable but it’s important for a house (even one that has AC) to have a ceiling fan. Not just any ceiling fan mind you, but one that keeps everyone the right temperature and also fits into the aesthetics of the room. It’s true that many would never consider ceiling fans to be an important piece of furniture but when it comes to air conditioning and having the right look for a room, the right ceiling fan makes as much of a difference as any couch, table, or any other piece of furniture.

When considering a ceiling fan it’s important to take into account three things: style, airflow, and installation. When it comes to style, ask yourself what kind of room am I putting this fan in? If it’s a living room or den then going above and beyond with an expensive fan (one with a nice wood finish or a state of the art steel one) may stick out too much. However, if you’re putting one in a nice room, chances are you want it to look as nice as the room you’re putting it in.

Airflow is obviously important or you wouldn’t even be getting a fan to begin with. A slower less airflow type of fan is more for climates in which it gets warm but not hot. If you live someplace that is scorching hot you’ll want to think about a fan that pumps out air at a rapid speed.

Finally, installation is important to think about when buying a fan. If you get a fan that’s too difficult to install you might have to find someone who can put it together for you (which at times can be very hard to find), so get one that you can put together on your own so that you can get your fan up and running.

Ceiling fans may seem like nothing more than just cheaper air conditioners but the right one can make for one cool room.


New Survey Shows That Millions Of Americans Dispose Furniture April 28, 2010

The furniture industry inevitably stays busy because there is always a demand for new furniture.  Whether individuals are moving to a new home, or merely replacing old furniture, getting new furniture is something that will inevitably happen to most people.  Additionally, as people get more creative, the more elaborate or trendy the furniture needs to be.  Fresh, unique designs always seem to be needed. Unfortunately, we may be a little too liberal using the “out with the old, in with the new” mentality because we usually don’t think twice about throwing old furniture away and what happens to it down the line.  This is especially true when we move and leave our used furniture behind.

When we replace our old furniture, we have direct control over what happens to it.  If there is room, perhaps we find a place for the furniture with the most sentimental value.  More than likely, we toss it to the curb. At least then, we know we’re throwing it out and consciously made the decision to do so.  With the pro-efficiency movement gaining momentum, we can hopefully see a change in that trend with more people aware of the consequences and opting to find homes or recycling centers for their older furniture.

However, when we move, we’ll often leave some furniture behind that we, “didn’t have time to take out”, “figured the new home owners could find a purpose for”, or “couldn’t bring ourselves to throw out, but didn’t know what to do with it”.  Our mentality in each scenario is, “out of sight, out of mind”.  What most people don’t consider is that new home owners also want new furniture, not used furniture from previous tenants.  They also are not attached to it and are much quicker to find a place for it on the curb instead of a place for it in another home.  Therefore, when we move, old furniture overwhelmingly tends to wind up in landfills, some of which was in perfectly working condition, just not appealing to the former owners.

Statistics say that about 40 million Americans move each year and a new survey shows that one-fourth of them will leave behind a big piece of furniture like a couch or bed. This means that over 10 million people will leave behind a piece of furniture rather than try to sell it to a friend, neighbor, or over the Internet. This also means that millions of people would rather leave it in the garbage rather than attempt to recycle it. Some studies have shown that the amount of furniture left in the trash and in landfills equals the amount of 12 Empire State Buildings. That’s a lot especially during these pro-environmental times, and even more when taking into account the many ways to pass along furniture.

It is understood that what was comfortable and fashionable 10 years ago might not have a place in your home now.  Times change and replacing it becomes a priority.  However, hardly anyone considers that their old furniture might be perfect for someone else or that the pieces can be recycled for other purposes.  So we are finding that millions of people are just discarding their old furniture. We all need to be more conscious about what we do with our old furniture so that it doesn’t keep stock piling our landfills.  Then, buying new furniture can truly be fun and exciting.


Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano Opens Big Week For Furniture April 14, 2010

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano may not sound like a familiar festival to most, but if you are a lover of furniture and furniture design then this is a big week for you. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano (the international furniture fair of Milan), the biggest furniture and décor trade fair in the world, opens this week in Milan and brings with it new state of the art designs for interior design and everything furniture. Manufacturers and designers from all around the world come to the festival to see the latest designs, concepts, and applications in furniture and to also showcase the concepts they have been working on or have in store. For many, the festival stands as the primary place for what’s new and upcoming in the world of furniture design and fashion and is the one stop for anyone who wants to stay on top in what’s new for furniture.

The event (which is usually falls in April) opens up in metropolitan Milan and includes up 2,500 different companies, along with hundreds of furniture designers. Started in 1961, the festival was originally conceived as a place that would show off only Italian furniture, but since then the festival has grown to a global scale. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano brings in over 270,000 people from over 150 countries worldwide. So this festival may go unnoticed, but for the many in the furniture design world it’s nothing less than their Olympics.


The Godfather Table August 11, 2009

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One of my favorite things to do when I’m bored is eat.  It’s not because I love food all that much (although i do) because I don’t really try that much of a variety.  In all honesty I pretty much eat the same two or three things from day to day.  More than likely it’s pasta, pizza or some sort of chicken or steak.  (Yes I eat my vegetables too!).  Since, I’m not really too experienced when it comes to food, I don’t really try new things.  Lets face it, when you are hungry the last thing you want to do is experiment with a new food.

Getting to the point, I will say, that eating is one of my favorite things to do because of the experience I got out of it growing up.  I grew up in an Italian household always surrounded by tons of family members.  Dinner was always a party.  I remember all of the times we would all get together and sit around the table and tell stories and laugh.   However, I distinctly remember always having to sit at the “kids” table.  This was a card table that we set up either on the end of the “grown-up” table as an extension to the big table, or sometimes just floating in the middle of the room somewhere, isolated.  Needless to say, I was so excited when I got a seat at the big table.  (The funny part is that everyone always promises you that one day you’ll be at the big table, but really, you always have the same number of people and you are always the same rank (in terms of age).  So when it comes to seating, you still wind up at the extension “kids” table.

We were always taught to respect our elders so we never argued the seating arrangement.  Plus, we always kept ourselves entertained by creating random concoctions in somebody’s soda glass and laughing about it uncontrollably for hours.  So, the kids table had its’ perks.  The part you get to appreciate the most as you get older, however, is the hours of good conversation that you have with your closest friends and family at the dinner table.  This is why it was so great to sit at the big table.   The stories my grandma, my parents, my older siblings, my aunts, uncles and cousins would tell were fascinating.  Having a front row seat to them was an accomplishment, extremely entertaining, and something I always desired.

This brings me to my reasoning behind one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  It has to be without a doubt, a huge solid wood dining room table that reminds me of a table most likely found in one of the Godfather movies with 20 people sitting around it.  Big tables exclude very few people (unless you are entertaining an army) and I just love the way it feels when you are sitting at one, all perched up in your high back chair that is suitable for a king.

I’m personally a fan of a more modern look myself.  Clean lines, simple design, but big!  This Harden Furniture 1990 solid wood dining room table (pictured below) interests me very much.  It is as close to clean lines and simple design as you can get.  However, it’s sturdy and made with quality and therefore produces a great presence in the room.  Sitting at it would give you a grand feeling as opposed to sitting at a table that squeaks or wobbles.

Harden 1990 Full Size Dining TableI think that when I finally purchase my first home, my favorite piece of furniture that I pick out will be my dining room table.  What they don’t tell you on the label is that tables like these produce a tremendous amount of memories for the guests that are fortunate to dine at them.  Although it is just a piece of furniture, some of life’s greatest moments happen while sitting at at them and talking.   It is no doubt a centerpiece to any household, not just the dining room.  I guess I just have to make sure that the food I cook is desirable enough that people will want to come over.  Then I can use it to it’s full potential. It’s a good thing I paid attention in the kitchen when my parents cooked for all those family parties.  I am sure that dinner will eventually be served and great times will follow at my own dining room table someday.