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Children’s Desk July 29, 2009

I came across an old piece of furniture in my parents house the other day.  Apparently it was a child’s desk.  It looks more like an end table.  However, one side has a slide lock on it and that end of the table lifts up to form an angled surface resembling a child’s desk or easel.  I remembered having used this table when I was a kid and how fun I thought it was that one side came up. I was always nervous that the top would come crashing down if I didn’t lock it in place properly though.  The desk was surprisingly heavy and I didn’t want to lose any fingers.

After a small inquiry, I found out that this desk was actually a part of a bigger unit.  Apparently an old stroller/carriage contraption had multiple pieces and when used together they formed one big unit (a stroller) and when broken down into separate units, the middle was more like a height chair, the very top was just a table/desk, and the very bottom was more like a sleeper for a baby, or a car seat.  It is a very neat piece of furniture in theory but sounds rather bulky.  I did some poking around on the internet and found a lot of items that were almost like this unit being described but had less features.

Anyone know what this unit might have been called?