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Outdoor Living Spaces on the Rise August 5, 2011

It used to be that out-door living spaces were only conducive to sunny California, and weather permitting homes.  However, a recent trend is on the rise, and back yards are being used more as “bonus room” than a place to play catch or have the dog run around.

Perfectly landscaped back yards, and expensive furniture  can be a lot of work.  Whether you are maintaining the lawns yourself or paying to have it done, it is quite an undertaking.  You also have to worry about the weather, when it rains you have to run home and bring all the cushions, and tables inside before they are destroyed by the rain.

There are however, plenty of benefits to having a space like this.  When you are having a backyard BBQ, or simply a quiet night with a glass of wine, they can be quite the relaxation room that you may be looking for.  If you can afford it space wise, there are ways of getting around the pricey costs of weather permitting furniture and creating a little oasis for those hot summer nights.

living space, backyard, furniture

Outdoor living space, Photo provided by Jeff Sandquist

Even if you don’t have the biggest yard to work with, you can still create a space for a little “me” time.  Try using bricks to separate a space and start out with a chair and some comfy but bright colored pillows.  Over time you can build up the spaces adding a table, and a couch, etc.  The trick is to make it look as comfortable as can be.

Another benefit to a back yard living space is having a cool place to go after a hot day.  If you don’t have air conditioning then you must enjoy being outside, because on those extremely hot days you won’t want to be stuck in a stuffy house.  Use your space as a place to cool off and enjoy the nice weather (hopefully) the summer has to offer.


Piano Pizzazz! December 3, 2009

A piano is a wonderful, warm addition to any home.  Although many piano’s look the same, each one has it’s own unique character.  From the style to the sound, you are likely to get a different feeling and experience each time you come across one, every time you play it, and each time you hear it being played by someone else.

The piano above is stunning and is the focal point of the living room of this estate house.  If there were nothing else in the room the piano would make a statement all on its’ own.  The orientation of the piano can change the look and feel of the room.  This particular photo is interesting to me because the piano is almost in the middle of an archway leading into a second room.  If you were to swap out the piano with a couch it would be a designing disaster and would ruin the feng shui of the entire first floor.  However, a piano seems to be properly placed in this location and winds up tying the two rooms together.

The piano is placed in a position where the pianist can see guests as they gather.  At the same time, the piano is located “out of the way” enough that it doesn’t disrupt the function of the room.  The beauty and elegance of the piano is highly decorative and looks as resilient in this situation as a crystal chandelier would dazzle a Fourier or an energetic fountain would soothe an atrium. Ultimately I feel that the infamous quote by Patrick Swayze in “Dirty Dancing” is fitting in that, “Nobody puts baby in the corner” can be translated to “Nobody puts baby grand in the corner” because it is much more worthy of center stage.